We Rebuild Chimneys The Right Way & Treat Your Home & Property With Respect— Guaranteed

Middle TN is home to some beautiful historic estates and stunning masonry chimneys, that’s for sure. But we’re also home to severe weather, heavy rains, strong winds, and extreme temperature shifts — masonry’s enemies.

Over time, constant exposure to moisture and the freeze/thaw cycle that occurs as temperatures fluctuate, can take a toll on our masonry chimneys, leaving them cracked, crumbling, discolored, and deteriorating.

As the chimney weakens, it can compromise your safety as you enjoy a fire in your fireplace, but it can also compromise the safety of your home in general. How?

A weakened and damaged chimney will wick up moisture faster, causing chimney leaks and water-related damage. Damaged masonry chimneys can even begin to lean or collapse — but Sweeps & Ladders can help.

From Chimney Extensions & Historic Restorations To Full Rebuilds, You Can Count On Sweeps & Ladders To Do The Job Right

Our team specializes in chimney rebuilds, so whether a portion of your chimney is water-logged and beyond repair or you need to have the entire structure rebuilt — from bottom to top — we guarantee beautiful, efficient, and long-lasting results. We can resolve issues related to all the following:

  • Design Flaws — If your chimney system is a poor performer because of design flaws, we can help. We’ll rebuild your chimney to proper specs, so you enjoy better performance, greater warmth, and less smoke problems, creosote buildup, and headaches.
  • Chimney Height — If chimney height is an issue, we can extend your chimney to the height needed to achieve proper draft, and we’re confident the results will look seamless and natural.
  • Water/Age/House Settling — Have a historic chimney that’s water-damaged or simply in need of some TLC? Our team is well-versed in the tools, materials, and techniques of each area and each period in our history. We can restore or rebuild your historic chimney so that it enhances your home once again. We’ll work hard to find the brick and mortar mix that perfectly matches your chimney’s original materials so that the result is a stronger, more beautiful chimney — not a weaker, less attractive chimney. With our team on the job, you can be confident your historic chimney will be restored to its former glory and strength, and that the results will be beautiful and historically appropriate.
Chimney rebuild - cap with cage, terra cotta flue, white crown and chimney with scaffolding around.

If you’re considering a chimney rebuild or extension, call Sweeps & Ladders at 615-791-7457 or click here. Our team is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and we have years and years of experience serving our neighbors in Brentwood, Nashville, and Franklin. We guarantee you’ll be more than happy with our service and our work, and we look forward to helping enhance your home and your enjoyment of it. Call or click here to request an appointment with a CSIA-certified sweep today.


If your smoke chamber needs parging or repairing, you can count on our chimney and masonry repair specialists to take care of it.

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