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No strangers to harsh, year-round weather, Franklin and Nashville homeowners know of the long-term effects that precipitation and humidity can have on their residences. One part of a home that receives plenty of exposure to the elements is the chimney, and yet, it often goes too long without receiving proper attention from chimney specialists.

If you’re among the many who forgo annual chimney inspections, and therefore potentially open the door for big, costly problems down the road, it’s time to call in the experts. Fortunately, Sweeps & Ladders would be happy to address your needs!

How We Address Chimney Damage

Mother Nature may be one of the more common culprits of chimney damage, but it is not the only one. Everything from house settling to insects and animals slowly exacting damage over time can cause your chimney to deteriorate.

No matter the cause of your chimney’s impaired state, we can pinpoint the problem, repair or rebuild as necessary, and get your chimney looking gorgeous and functioning properly.

After a thorough assessment of your chimney, the next steps will depend largely on the degree of damage and your chimney’s age. Here are some of the ways we return a chimney to its damage-free, high-performance state:

Damaged fireplaces can be repaired - tear-out tv to the right and table in the front.

Tuckpointing & Masonry Repair

Crumbling mortar (what cements the bricks, stones, or tiles together) is both unsightly and fairly common. While not rare, it’s best to address it as soon as possible, as it can lead to larger repairs down the line. This is where tuckpointing comes in. This process involves removing and replacing the current, worn mortar with mortar of higher quality and longer-lasting properties.

Chimney Rebuild

Unfortunately, there are times when tuckpointing and masonry repairs aren’t enough to return a chimney to its former glory. If repairs won’t do the trick and a chimney’s run-down state is detrimental to the homeowner, we will either rebuild entire sections of the chimney or replace the whole system to ensure it’s safe to use going forward.

Outdoor chimney repair with scaffolding in front and large home in the back.
Corner brick masonry fan shaped hearth with free-standing stove to the right and refrigerator to the left.
Brand new chimney rebuild brick is a peachy color.

You Are In The Best Hands With Sweeps & Ladders

At Sweeps & Ladders, you’ll find everything you are looking for in a chimney service provider, from experienced technicians to our efficient service. Call 615-791-7457 today to discover everything that makes us a company of choice serving Franklin and the surrounding areas.

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Our masonry and chimney repair skills include doing complete chimney rebuilds when needed. Ask us for a consultation today.

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