We Sell Beautiful Gas Logs In Traditional & Contemporary Designs

Sure, gas logs haven’t always been the most realistic-looking option, but no one can say that about the modern gas logs from R.H. Peterson, Rasmussen, and Empire/White Mountain Hearth. Each manufacturer prides itself on offering the most authentic-looking and attractive gas log sets available, and whether you are looking for something traditional or contemporary, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect gas log set from one of these top companies.

Vented Charred Mountain Birch gas logs are a lighter color with flames that look real.

Vented Charred Mountain Birch

Vent Free Oak Designer gas logs with flames out the top and coals on the bottom.

Vent Free Oak Designer

Fyre Gems Emerald gas pieces with flames.

Fyre Gems Emerald

Beautiful River Rocks in your fire place with flames.

River Rocks

Choose from a variety of styles and looks:

  • charred-through logs with better view of the flame
  • solid front logs for a traditional fire look
  • slit wood
  • oak
  • white birch
  • pine cones
  • river rocks
  • fireballs, spheres, or rustic fireballs for a contemporary touch
  • geo shapes, glass, gems, or firestones for a modern look
  • single burner options
  • see-thru sets

We Offer Vented Gas Logs VS. Vent-Free Gas Logs — What’s The Difference?

The biggest difference between vented and vent-free gas logs is that vented logs require a working chimney (to vent byproducts, like carbon monoxide), while vent-free gas logs do not.

Vent-free logs are designed to burn so efficiently and produce so few byproducts that there’s no real need for a chimney. Vented gas logs, on the other hand, typically produce less heat (because some is lost up the chimney), but provide a bigger, more realistic looking fire than their vent-free cousins.

Our vented options:

Don’t require electricity, so you can enjoy the fire, even during a power outage

Can be used with propane or natural gas

Are clean-burning and efficient

Provide a realistic flame pattern and a larger, more impressive fire

Our vent-free options:

Don’t require electricity, so you can enjoy the fire, even during a power outage

Can be used with propane or natural gas

Can be used with the damper closed (where permitted), so you don’t lose any heat up the chimney

Are clean-burning and efficient

Come equipped with oxygen depletion sensors to ensure your safety

Can be installed in any certified vent-free firebox or wood-burning fireplace

Provide warmth using less fuel

We also sell accessories, like acorns, pinecones, and additional wood pieces so you can customize your hearth.

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