Is A Cracked Or Poorly Built Crown To Blame For Your Chimney Leak? We Can Help!

When we’re troubleshooting a leaky chimney or inspecting a chimney to make sure there are no vulnerable water entry points, one of the first places we check is the chimney crown. This cement slab is the covering that sits at the top of the masonry chimney chase, and with the exception of the area where the flue extends out of the crown, the crown should be sealed, smooth, and crack-free.

But as you can imagine, chimney crowns in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and all throughout Middle TN have it hard — the moisture here isn’t seasonal, it’s all year long. Wicked storms and severe weather can show up in any month, and temperatures sometimes fluctuate so rapidly, that our crowns are particularly prone to damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle.

This cycle causes moisture inside of the crown to expand and contract, leading to crown cracks, breaks, and deterioration. Even if damage is minimal and cracks are small at first, as the crown is exposed to new moisture and temperature changes, these cracks and breaks will grow and allow moisture to enter the chimney system. Just like that, a hairline crack becomes a chimney leak — and that’s where the real problems begin.

Our Crown Repair Work Is Effective & The Products We Use Work To Prevent Future Water Damage & Leaks

When repairing and waterproofing chimney crowns, we use professional-grade products from industry leader, ChimneySaver. Here’s a little bit about each product used in our crown repairs:


Have minor cracks? We can seal those cracks and prevent future cracks from forming with CrownCoat. CrownCoat is an environmentally friendly brushable sealant that cures quickly, remains permanently flexible, and provides 15 years of protection against leaks and water damage. This flexible quality allows the waterproof membrane to stretch and contract with the crown (as temperatures change), which prevents the growth of existing cracks and the formation of future cracks.


For more severe crown damage, we can make repairs with CrownSeal, an environmentally friendly, flexible waterproof coating that, like CrownCoat, remains permanently flexible. Using this product, we can fill and seal large cracks and gaps in the crown, and leave the surface smooth, waterproofed, and looking great. This product carries a 10-year warranty and dries to a natural concrete/mortar look, but we can also add coloring to suit your home’s design needs.


For more extensive repairs, we can use CrownSaver, a cement-based crown repair system that provides a waterproof barrier and 10 years of leak protection, all while strengthening the chimney crown.

If crown damage or poor design are behind your leaky chimney problems, the good news is Sweeps & Ladders can help. We specialize in crack repair and crown rebuilds, so whether the damage is minor or the problem is bigger, our team of Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professionals can help.

Sweeps and Ladders - Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney Crown Rebuild

Sweeps and Ladders - Crown Rebuild

Chimney Crown Repair

Need A Full Crown Rebuild? You’re In Good Hands With Sweeps & Ladders

If your crown needs to be completely rebuilt, rest assured we can take care of that for you too. We put great care into every crown we build, making sure the results are, not just beautiful and professional, but long-lasting as well. When you have your crown rebuilt by Sweeps & Ladders, you can be confident of the following:

  • at least one CSIA-certified chimney sweep will be present from start to finish
  • the crown will be built to expert specifications, with proper thickness, proper slope, and proper drip edge
  • the crown will be professionally waterproofed for added protection and durability

Is your chimney crown damaged and vulnerable? Don’t let crown cracks, deterioration, or design flaws damage your chimney and home. Call Sweeps & Ladders at 615-791-7457 or request an appointment right here on our website to have your chimney professionally inspected, repaired, and waterproofed. We’ll do the job right.


Could a chase cover replacement be all that stands between you and the end to your chimney leak repair problems? Talk to our professional crew members for more information today.

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