Looking to get your annual chimney inspection done and out of the way well before fall comes back around? We don’t blame you! By scheduling your regular maintenance now, you can easily book a time slot that works for you. You also won’t need to worry about squeezing in last minute repairs before your fall fires.

All in all, regular inspections are vital for the health of your system. Our team is ready and eager to deliver the best services in Middle TN. Give us a call today, to set up a time for us to come in and get your system where it needs to be.

We Offer Three Levels Of InspectionsCall us for your annual chimney inspection

Our sweeps are certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America, so we follow their standards when it comes to inspections. We offer three levels of inspections, so you are certain to get exactly what you need in terms of care. Learn more about each below, then give us a call so that we can discuss which option best suit your needs.

Level 1

In a level one inspection, the sweep will do an examination of your chimney and fireplace, and check easily accessible parts. Nothing will be taken apart and no demolition equipment will be necessary. This should be all you need if you regularly invest in inspections and have not had major changes or repairs.

Level 2

Like a level one inspection, a level two inspection does not require the sweeps to take apart any components of your chimney or fireplace. However, some special video equipment will be used to view the inside of the flue. If you have recently faced a natural disaster, or if you changed fuel types in the past year, then a level two inspection will need to be done.

Level 2 inspections are also required when buying or selling property or after any major repair or reconstruction work. All in all, it is just a more extensive look into your system.

Level 3

Finally, a level 3 inspection is performed only when a level two does not reveal the cause of an issue. During this inspection, sweeps will need to take apart various parts of the chimney to find the root of the problem. Level three inspections are rarely necessary, but may be required if all else fails.

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