Worried about rain and excess moisture coming into your chimney and causing damage throughout your living space? Waterfalls are exciting and enjoyable to see in nature, but that does not mean you want one running down the interior walls of your chimney. This can lead to all kinds of damage. Damage could include rotting, rust, stains throughout your walls and ceilings, mold accumulation, debris buildup, and more.

Fortunately, the team here at Sweeps & Ladders Chimney Service has some effective solutions for you. Avoid leaks and water damage during these notoriously rainy months by investing in care from our team right away. Our mission is to better serve you.

Chimney Crown Repairdramatic rain storm with lightning strike on house chimney

One essential part of preventing water damage is a well-built chimney crown. The chimney crown is meant to direct water out and away from the sides of your chimney, ensuring your masonry stays in tip-top shape, no matter what kind of weather you are facing. If your crown is cracked or showing signs of deterioration, then it is time to fix it up right and get it waterproofed. Our team has the tools to help you out.

Chimney Cap Installation

The chimney cap is fitted over the top opening of the chimney, and without one you would be left with a big mess on your hands once those rainy days start coming around. A well-fitted chimney cap is essential when it comes to maintaining your fireplace system. We offer some that are quite affordable, so having one installed shouldn’t break the bank.

What makes chimney caps even better is that they aid in keeping out animals and excess debris. Both of which can lead to clogging, and they stop stray sparks from landing on your roof, too. To top it off, homeowners notice fewer issues with downdrafts when a properly fitted cap is installed. Their many benefits make them a worthwhile investment, indeed.


If your brickwork is not waterproofed, then there is no time to lose when it comes to getting our sweeps on the job. Waterproofing is a surefire way to ensure water and excess moisture do not get absorbed into your brickwork, and we use ChimneySaver, which is known for providing ultimate levels of protection.

We also like to point out that, unlike many store-bought paints and sealers, the products we use are vapor permeable, ensuring any pre-absorbed moisture does not get trapped in and cause more damage.

That’s Not All We Offer

Along with these things, we offer flashing repair and installation, as well as chase cover replacement. Both will do wonders to keep your home and fireplace better protected from leaks and water damage.

It’s time you invest in the care your household deserves. Work with our team today for the best services and products in the area.

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