When it comes to keeping your chimney and fireplace working well year after year, a little annual maintenance can go a long way. Investing in a CSIA-recommended annual inspection is one step that guarantees a lower risk of gas leaks, house fires, and a whole lot more. Luckily, our sweeps are qualified to get the job done right.

A major component of an inspection includes scanning for excessive creosote. If too much has built up in your chimney, our sweeps will urge you to get a sweeping done to remove any build up and minimize the risk of experiencing clogs and blockages. Creosote poses many threats to your system and the more you have of it, the worse off you’ll be.Dangers of Creosote Build Up - Middle TN - Sweeps & Ladders

If you need a professional to help you out, count on our CSIA and NFI certified team today. No matter how tough the job, we’re certain we can handle it!

The Risk Of Chimney Fires

Creosote is not good for your structure because it can cause decay and deterioration throughout your brickwork and mortar, thus weakening your entire system. Yet the main concern surrounding creosote accumulation is its flammable nature, which increase your likelihood of experiencing a chimney fire.

Chimney fires threaten the structural integrity of your system tremendously, and they leave you and family members vulnerable to health risk and injury. Some chimney fires are loud and obvious, warning homeowners that something is wrong and that their system shouldn’t be used until a professional assesses the situation. However, most homeowners don’t even realize they’ve experienced structural damage and continue using their fireplace as normal.

Using a chimney that has experienced the high temperatures and damage caused by a chimney fire is very risky. Because the structure is weakened and likely broken down, there are more gaps and openings for harmful fumes and stray flames to escape. This means your chances of carbon monoxide exposure, smoke back-up, and house fires increases dramatically.

If you have creosote building up in your system, it’s vital that a trained sweep removes it with the proper equipment. This is the best way to ensure every part of your chimney gets cleaned out and helps guarantee that you won’t have to face serious damage or injury throughout your burning season. At Sweeps & Ladders, the safety of the customer is always our top priority!

Fall Is Upon Us!

Fall weather is upon us and the holidays are just around the corner, so make sure your fireplace is all set and ready to go by depending on our team today. We’ll have you set up right in no time, so you can enjoy the upcoming months with the peace of mind you deserve. For homeowners in Middle and its surrounding communities, there’s no better place to turn!

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