When operating your fireplace throughout your burning period, two things must always be prioritized: safety and efficiency. Because of this, it is important to do everything in your power to keep your system free from excess moisture and water-related damages. Fortunately, our team can set you up! Things like chimney caps, properly installed flashing, waterproofing services, and more can take you far. We strongly suggest you get your chimney crown inspected, too.

Why is the chimney crown so important? Read below to learn more about what this piece of chimney anatomy does and why having one that is well-built will benefit you a lot down the line. Then, count on the team here at Sweeps & Ladders to check yours over, so you’re all set when fall comes back around.

Chimney Crowns & Water Preventionred brick chimney against trees

The main reason a healthy chimney crown is necessary is due to its ability to direct water out and away from the sides of your chimney. Your brickwork and mortar can weaken significantly when exposed to too much moisture. Due to your masonry’s absorbent nature, it allows water to soaks in, the more it will deteriorate and break down. Without a well-functioning crown in place, you’d be facing quite a bit of damage!

Here in Nashville, TN, and its surrounding cities, we can also face some pretty cold temperatures in the wintertime. Because of this, moisture-filled brickwork can experience something called the freeze/thaw process. When this occurs, the water in your masonry will freeze and expand causing your structure to experience a lot of extra pressure. The process of this freezing and thawing multiple times a season can wind up causing a lot of wear and tear to occur.

Fortunately, our team is here to ensure your crown stays in tip-top shape for the long haul, so you don’t have to worry about snow, sleet or rain affecting the state of your structure. Call today, so we can help you out soon!

Features Of A Good Crown

So, what sets a good crown apart? Well, for the best results, your crown should extend slightly past the end of your chimney, slant downwards (so that water does not pool on top), and be at least two inches thick. It should also be made from a concrete-based mixture, rather than a cheap mortar mix. This will keep it sturdy and strong, no matter the weather outside.

We Offer Repair Work & Rebuilds

Whether your crown is facing minor cracks, major gaps, and holes, or damage so extensive that basic fixes won’t do the trick, we can help. We can address any fixable issues, or if a rebuild is necessary, we can take the appropriate measures for getting your crown looking and functioning great again.

Fall is just around the corner, so don’t waste any more time. Reach out to our team for an appointment today!

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