Are you looking to ensure your fireplace and chimney stay as protected as possible, no matter the weather outside? Then, a chimney cap is an investment you will need to make. If you are looking to have one installed, please reach out to our team right away. The experts here at Sweeps & Ladders are both CSIA and NFI certified. We would be happy to help you out with all of your chimney-related maintenance.

What Does A Chimney Cap Do?white house with chimney and cap

Many wonder if a chimney cap is truly necessary. It seems like such a simple and small device that it can’t do much. Wrong! The chimney cap actually serves multiple purposes, ensuring your home stays more comfortable and your chimney stays in the best shape possible.

First and foremost, a correctly installed cap will keep water out of your flue. Without one in place, water will simply pour into your structure causing damage all throughout your liner, brickwork, firebox, and more. Leaks and water damage lead to decay and deterioration in a hurry, which will make your fireplace function much less efficiently, and it won’t be safe to light fires, either. A chimney cap could make all the difference!

Keep Animals And Debris Out

A chimney cap also does a lot when it comes to keeping out animals and any excess debris. All too often, we get calls from homeowners who have birds or other types of wildlife in their chimney building nests and having babies. Your cozy structure is hard for them to resist, so installing something to block them out is a must. That’s where your cap comes in.

Along with this, leaves, twigs, and other nesting materials can clog things up and create fire hazard. This puts your home at risk. Avoid smoke back-up, gas leaks, chimney fires, and more by having your cap installed today.

Concerned about downdrafts affecting your indoor temperatures and causing your energy bills to increase? We don’t blame you! This is a frustrating situation for many homeowners with a fireplace, but finding ways to block out the outdoor air might be as simple as having a new chimney cap put in place.

Finally, chimney caps have been known to stop stray sparks from landing on your roof. As you can imagine, combining hot sparks and embers with your flammable roofing materials can lead to a disaster in a hurry, so why not invest in this smart solution? Ready to speak with our team? We’re here to take your call.

Will It Affect The Aesthetic Of My Structure?

Now, we understand that your home’s outside appearance is important, which is why we want to ensure any of the devices we install will not appear unsightly or awkward. That’s why we carry all different sizes, styles, and colors of caps, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your aesthetic. Talk with our team about finding the perfect match for your home today!

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