Spring has just begun, but that does not mean chimney and fireplace care can suddenly be put on the back burner. This time of year is actually the best time to get your chimney maintenance in, and it ensures you have plenty of time to address repairs before cold weather comes back.

One area we would like to focus on is the smoke chamber. Because it remains out of sight, many people fail to recognize how important it is to invest in regular care and repair work. This piece of the chimney anatomy serves a very important purpose. Learn more below, then give us a call. The team at Sweeps & Ladders would love to help!

Where Is The Smoke Chamber?

fireplaceThe smoke chamber is located right above the firebox. It funnels smoke and other gases up your chimney and away from your living space. A well-functioning smoke chamber allow you to use your fireplace with peace of mind and relaxation. With a smoke chamber in place, your family won’t have to face potentially harmful fumes as you enjoy a cozy evening indoors.

What Happens If It Gets Damaged?

Are a few cracks and gaps in the smoke chamber really that big of a deal? The short answer is yes. Damages in your smoke chamber will affect your the proper drafts of your system. This means that smoke will not exit as quickly, and your living space will end up gray and hazy.

Along with this, the smoke and gases that settle in the smoke chamber will trigger more creosote to form. Creosote is harmful to your structure, and it increases your risk of experiencing a chimney fire, as well. A chimney fire will cause a lot of damage to your brickwork and mortar, and your system will not be safe for use until expensive repairs are done. Finally, cracks and gaps in your chimney leave easy pathways for smoke, carbon monoxide, flames, and high temperatures to escape into your household. This puts your home at risk and could trigger a house fire or gas leak.

How Can We Help?

What can the Sweeps & Ladders team do to fix a damaged smoke chamber? We use a product called ChamberCoat, and we use it to parge your smoke chamber. It gives your chimney a smooth, streamlined results, which allow for better performances. This product is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about your home’s woodwork catching fire. It has been tested by the UL to meet all safety standards. If you are looking for something that can protect your system for the long haul, then you can trust this product!

Ready to work with our team? With fall and winter still months away, now is the best time to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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