Have you been noticing leaks and water damage throughout your masonry chimney? Your flashing may be to blame. Properly installed flashing can work wonders when it comes to keeping your home safer, but even minor damage can leave you with some big issues. Resolving your flashing problems sooner rather than later is always your best bet, which is why we encourage folks throughout Nashville to turn to us now for repairs, replacement, and more!

What Is Flashing?

masonry chimney with flashingIs your understanding of flashing a bit muddy? No problem. There are various parts to your chimney’s anatomy and understanding the ins and outs of it all can be a challenge. The flashing is the metal pieces that seal the area where your roof meets the chimney. This spot is especially vulnerable to water damage because the materials that make up these two parts of your home expand and contract at different rates. Without this protective covering, there’d be a waterfall in your chimney before you know it!

Dangers Of Water Damage

What exactly does water do to your masonry structure? Well, for one thing, your brickwork will absorb excess moisture in a hurry and break down. The weaker your bricks and mortar become, the more your structure will struggle, and soon it will be unsafe for you to light a fire. Water also triggers clogs, rust, mold accumulation, decay, rot, and a whole lot of other problems. All in all, avoiding water is important when it comes to keeping your structure strong and sturdy for the long haul.

What Causes Flashing Damage?

A number of things could be causing your flashing to break down. First of all, animals are known to tamper with your flashing from time to time, bending it, loosening it, and creating sizable gaps. You could also be facing weather-related damage. Harsh winds and storms can take its toll or blow debris onto your roof, which could harm the flashing. Other times, flashing simply wears down and rusts over time. The older it is, the more likely you are to experience issues, so having our team of experts regularly check things over will definitely benefit you in the long run.

Unfortunately, many times we come across flashing that was installed incorrectly. If you left the task in the hands of someone who wasn’t appropriately trained, there is a good chance the job will need to be re-done. Fortunately, our team can repair and replace your flashing!

Don’t Wait To Call On Our Crew

When it comes to water damage, there’s no time to waste. Addressing damages and investing in preventative care is essential for keeping your system in tip-top shape. When you put off maintenance, this will only hurt you, your chimney, and your bank account in the long run. Our award-winning experts are CSIA and NFI certified. We won’t settle for anything less than the best when caring for your chimney. For the care and attention you deserve, call us today!

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