For those who don’t understand the anatomy of their fireplace, the firebox is the area where the fires are actually lit. As you can imagine, it takes on a lot of wear and tear and immense heat from the flames. This can cause lots of damage to occur. For this reason, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance and repairs by calling the certified professionals at Sweeps and Ladders!

Dangers Of A Damaged Firebox

fireplace with roaring fireIf your firebox is in need of professional care, then you’ll want to have all issues addressed before burning season. With cooler temperatures already showing up, burning season will be here soon! Once your chimney is inspected and fix by a CSIA-certified sweep, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing your home and family is safe this holiday season.

One issue we like to warn our customers about is the potential of house fires. A cracked and crumbling firebox have many gaps and openings through which stray sparks and excessive heat, can escape. Spending time in front of the fireplace should be relaxing and worry-free, but a broken firebox can create a big issue.

Along with this, open pathways anywhere in your fireplace make your loved ones vulnerable to carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide is fatal when not treated promptly, and the gas itself is hard to detect, making it very dangerous. We encourage all our customers to invest in a carbon monoxide detector for their home, so they’re notified at the first sign of trouble. These devices, combined with regular fireplace maintenance, could make all the difference in keeping your loved ones safe!

You Deserve The Best Care

For folks in Middle Tennessee and its surrounding towns and cities, there’s no better crew to trust than Sweeps & Ladders. We’re CSIA trained and certified, and we are ready to tackle every job that comes our way. If you want your firebox repairs to stand the test of time, trust us with it!

First, you should schedule your annual inspection with us. Once we get a thorough look at your chimney and fireplace, we’ll provide you a professional assessment. Then, we’ll do everything necessary to get your system in tip-top shape before the holiday season kicks off! We love doing all we can to help families in the area be safe, comfortable, and happy. Contact us today for your chimney needs!

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