Has your chimney experienced leaks and water damage recently? Then, it is time to invest in the care your system needs before all that decay and deterioration turns into something worse, like a collapse. By investing in preventative maintenance right away, you guarantee a stronger structure overall, ensuring years worth of enjoyment for your friends and family.

Your fireplace deserves the best care possible, and the team at Sweeps & Ladders Chimney Service is here to provide just that. Learn more about all we can offer below.

First Things First…wet, dark green roof with chimney

So, before starting on preventative maintenance, we need to make certain your system is in the best shape possible. One way we can get this done is by performing an inspection. When our sweeps are given the opportunity to thoroughly examine every piece of your chimney’s anatomy, we can uncover all of your problem areas and get them addressed as soon as possible.

There is simply no point in providing you with waterproofing, crown repair, chimney cap installation, and more if your system is already experiencing decay and deterioration. Let us handle any necessary repairs first, and then we can set you up right with everything you need to keep water and excess moisture out for good.

How Is Water Harmful?

Now, many find themselves wondering just how necessary waterproofing services actually are. After all, brick is a hard, sturdy material. Water cannot do that much damage to it, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Your masonry is actually quite absorbent, and the more water it is exposed to the worse of you will be in the long run.

One way that water causes problems is through the freeze/thaw process. If you know anything about science, then you remember that when water freezes it expands. If the water inside of your masonry freezes, then that is a lot of extra pressure on your structure. As temperatures rise and fall throughout the season, your chimney undergoes a lot of stress, and that will take a big toll on its structural integrity.

Water can also cause clogs to form, threatening draft and air flow, and it can also trigger rot, rust, stains, mold accumulation, and more. All in all, it does a lot of harm that could easily be avoided with a simple waterproofing service. Our expert crew would be happy to help, so give us a call today before the spring rains start to take their toll.

That’s Not All We Can Do

After we address your masonry repairs and get everything waterproofed and better protected, count on us for all the rest of your leak prevention needs, as well. Is your flashing loose and rusted? We can fix it up. Does your chimney cap need replacing? We can handle that, too. When it comes to keeping water out of your flue, our team has everything you need to lay your worries to rest.

Don’t wait any longer. Our CSIA certified crew is just a phone call away, so dial our number today.

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