When was the last time you scheduled a dryer vent cleaning? If you are having trouble recalling, there is a good chance your vents are filled with all kinds of lint and other debris, which could be affecting the efficiency of your appliance. This buildup can also trigger some dangerous scenarios for your household, such as fires, gas leaks, and more.

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The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxideconfused woman doing laundry

Your dryer needs a clear pathway to send potentially harmful gases out of your home. If your vents are filled with lint, these fumes will simply turn around and enter your living space, putting your loved ones at risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Now, most people know this gas is bad, but many underestimate just how dangerous it can be.

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so noting its presence within your home is next to impossible. Some side effects of exposure include dizziness, confusion, nausea, and headaches. Many report feeling flu-like ailments, only without a fever. If you are at all concerned that you have carbon monoxide in your home, leave immediately, then call for help.

If symptoms are ignored, victims could easily pass out and eventually pass away. This could also occur if the person is sleeping and unaware that they are breathing in poisonous fumes. You are always better off minimizing the risk of exposure at all costs by investing in regular maintenance for your gas-fueled appliances. Get your dryer vent cleaning on the books today!

The Threat Of House Fires

Another common issue when it comes to clogged up vents is overheating. If your system overheats, it won’t take long for the flammable lint to catch on fire and spread flames throughout your laundry room and household. In fact, thousands of dryer-related fires occur every single year, leading to multiple deaths, hundreds of injuries, and millions of dollars in property loss.

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Sick Of Your Dryer’s Inefficiency?

All in all, dirty dryer events are dangerous and they prevent your dryer from working as efficiently as possible, too. If you find yourself running your dryer over and over again because your clothes are still damp, then cleaning may be in order. Many assume they need a whole new system when a simple and inexpensive service from your local chimney sweeps will do the trick.

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