Worried that springtime rains have taken a toll on the health and stability of your chimney? There is no doubt that water can severely impact the strength and efficiency of your system. Water causes your mortar to break down and crumble, and it weakens your brickwork significantly.

Between the freeze/thaw process, the rusting of metal components, and the increased risk of experiencing rot, rust, decay, clogs, and more, you are looking at a lot of issues to deal with before kicking off your burning season with the comfort and peace of mind you are hoping for.

Stay on top of it all by noting these signs that a leak may be present in your chimney. Then, count on our team to address any damages. Our CSIA certified crew can set you up.

A Damaged Crownbrick chimney blue sky

Your chimney crown plays a major role in preventing water damage throughout your brickwork. It slants downward and extends past the edge of your chimney, ensuring rainwater is sent away from the sides of your structure. If your crown is showing signs of decay, patching it up right away will make a big impact on how much water damage your masonry ends up facing before fall and winter arrive.

We repair and rebuild crowns with high-quality products that are sure to stand the test of time. Give us a call today to learn more!

Rusted Flashing

Flashing protects the area where your roof and chimney meet and, if it is damaged, rusted, or just missing altogether, you are sure to experiences leaks from time to time. This results in damaged brickwork, as well as stains and rot throughout your walls, ceiling, and roofing materials. Avoid issues, as well as unsightly water patches, by counting on us from the get-go.

Missing Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are a must for any fireplace owner, as they cover your flue’s opening, ensuring no water is allowed to enter. Without one, water would fall right into your fireplace, triggering all kinds of problems throughout your liner, smoke shelf, firebox, and more! Chimney caps are also a big help with it comes to preventing animal entry, downdrafts, and debris buildup. And they serve as spark arrestors, too.

A well-fitted chimney cap is an affordable and worthwhile investment, so let our team get yours installed today. There’s no time to lose!

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Need waterproofing completed? We can help with that, too. Learn more about this process, then invest in the protection your home deserves.

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