Are you wrapping up your burning season? You may clear out ash, then call it quits, but this is not the proper way to close out your fireplace for the season. By putting off maintenance or repair work, you are putting your home and family in danger. At Sweeps & Ladders Chimney Service, we recommend addressing your chimney issues right away. We also highly suggest a chimney sweeping, as this has many benefits!

Avoiding Unpleasant Odors

man at workCreosote is known for having a bad smell, so sweeping it out before odors starts to permeate your home is important. If your chimney has not been stinky through the winter, you may not think that a sweeping is needed. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. It is only a matter of time before things heat up and the warm air outside enters your flue, which brings in all kinds of nasty smells with it.

In the wintertime, heat is pulled up and out of the house through the chimney, so bad odors are less of an issue. In spring and summer, the opposite happens, which floods the homeowner’s living spaces with an ashy or smokey smell.

Avoiding Delays Later On

Another reason to invest in your sweeping right now is flexible schedule. Right now our schedule is more free, so you are likely to get the most convenient time for your busy schedule. Putting off maintenance until before burning season could lead to delays in using your fireplace and chimney, as fall is our busy period. As temperatures cool, more people try to get us in, so they can start lighting fires in their fireplace. Unfortunately, this often means scheduling a time that isn’t ideal for the customer.

If you want to ensure you can put your system to use that first chilly evening, it is best to get your sweeping down now. Trust our team to ensure your chimney is back to working conditions in no time. When autumn arrives, you will be happy that you can enjoy your fireplace with peace of mind.

Avoiding Expensive Repairs

When our team comes in to sweep your chimney, we will be able to take note of any issues or damage we discover. The sooner we spot the problems like deteriorating mortar and water-related damage, the sooner we can address these issues and restore your chimney back to healthy conditions. Because right now is our slower season, we will be able to tackle the job in a timely manner. Now is also the best time for our materials to cure in the appropriate temperature range, as well too, if you need any chimney repairs.

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