One of the most detrimental things that can happen to your masonry chimney is water damage. Water shortens the life of your chimney without being seen, working behind the scenes to wreak havoc. The structural damage that water can do over time is comparable to what a catastrophic natural disaster like a tornado or earthquake does in a just a few seconds.We Repair Water Damaged Chimneys - Franklin TN - Sweeps & Ladders Chimney

Water and Your Masonry Chimney

Because masonry is constructed of many materials, most of which are adversely affected by water, water damages the chimney from the inside out. Water in your chimney can cause:
—Rusted damper assemblies, fireplace accessories, and doors
—Deteriorated firebox assemblies and central heat system
—Rotted adjacent wood and ruined wall coverings
—Water-stained walls, ceiling, and masonry
—Clogged clean-out area
—Cracked flue liner, mortar, and masonry
—Chimney settlement or collapse

Moisture in the chimney causes the updraft to slow, lowering efficiency of the chimney system. The damage caused by moisture also lowers the chimney’s efficiency, and when the chimney’s efficiency drops, it is less safe. The chimney can become clogged, haulting airflow and allowing the hot vapors to ignite debris in the chimney. In addition to moisture causing damage to your chimney, here are some other things you might not know about your chimney.

Save Your Chimney with ChimneySaver

The old saying is true, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The best way to keep your chimney working properly is to keep it well-maintained. It may require some upfront costs to have your chimney regularly inspected and swept, but it will save in damage later.

When you choose Sweeps & Ladders Chimney Service for your chimney maintenance we will not only repair the water damage, but stop the leak at its source and finish with our expert waterproofing services. Sweeps & Ladders is proud to offer ChimneySaver water repellent products designed to allow vapors out, but prevent water molecules from getting in. This industrial sealant should only be applied by a professional, and all of our technicians are certified chimney sweeps, experienced in waterproofing. This product is protected by a ten year warranty and protects the masonry without compromising the integrity of the masonry.

When you choose Sweeps & Ladders Chimney Service you get a service appointment with a certified chimney sweep who is experienced in detecting and correcting chimney leaks. We make prevention a priority because we know that a properly maintained chimney is the best way to keep our customers safe and comfortable. We sell, install, and repair chimney caps and flashing as well as apply ChimneySaver water repellent to prevent water damage.

To find out more, call us at 615-791-7457 or request an appointment online.

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