Creosote is a flaky, sometime tar-like substance that builds up in your chimney from time to time. When it comes to your fireplace, build up is not good for air flow or efficiency. Creosote is especially harmful due to its flammable nature. If you have excess creosote in your system, it is important to get it out right away. Our professional team can help.

What Is Glazed Creosote?Creosote removal and why it's important

The longer creosote sets in your chimney, the more it will accumulate until it turns hard and glossy. This is referred to as glazed creosote, and all it takes is an especially hot fire to ignite it and cause a chimney fire. Unfortunately, once creosote gets to this point, it is a lot harder to remove.

In cases like these, it is vital to get a crew of CSIA certified sweeps on the job to ensure everything is thoroughly removed. Inexperienced and unqualified sweeps often miss some areas or do not use appropriate products. Count on our team to make sure the job gets done right to ensure a safe fireplace.

All About Chimney Fires

One of the biggest threats of creosote buildup is the risk of chimney fires. No matter what state your creosote is in, it is always flammable, and the more you have the more likely you are to experience a chimney fire. The brickwork and mortar that make up your chimney are not designed to withstand these high temperatures, so you are looking at a lot of structural damage should one occur.

Using a chimney that has cracks, holes, and other types of deterioration puts your home and family at risk. It leaves an easy route for flames and sparks to escape into your home, making you more likely to experience a house fire, and it also allows smoke and dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide, to enter the premises.

Think you have experienced a chimney fire? Here are some signs you can check for. Puffed up creosote, warped metal components, cracked tiles, discoloration, damaged roofing materials, or any other clear signs of fire damage all indicate a recent chimney fire. If you spot any of these issues, stop any fireplace use and get in touch with our team right away to get an inspection scheduled.

Do You Need A Sweeping?

Regular chimney sweepings are an important part of chimney maintenance as they significantly minimize your chance of experiencing chimney fires. If you are overdue, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Sweeps & Ladders. We are dedicated to making homes in the area safer and better protected with every passing year, and we would be honored to help you out.

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