If your chimney is in rough shape, you may be wondering whether you can fix it with basic repair work or if it needs an entire rebuild. If you’re looking for some professional insight, our crew would be happy to do an inspection, then advise you on the next best steps. Below are some of the more common reasons we perform rebuilds. Take a look through our list, then reach out to our crew with any questions. When it comes to structural issues, putting off maintenance can put your fireplace and home in danger. Ensure your upcoming burning season go as smoothly as possible by depending on us!

Extending Your Chimney’s Height

masonry chimney on red roofA chimney that isn’t tall enough can introduce all kinds of problems with draft and airflow, which is why many find themselves needing to extend their structure. A taller chimney leads to more draft, which then allows for a more efficient fire and a more comfortable atmosphere in your home. Unfortunately, many people who extend the height of their chimney find themselves with a mismatched setup. Getting the new bricks and mortar to match the old ones isn’t an easy feat, but it’s one that we are confident our sweeps can manage. Call today to work with the team at Sweeps & Ladders.

Repairing Extensive Water Damage

Water damage that has gone unaddressed for too long of a time can cause a chimney to become quite unstable. If excess moisture has broken down your masonry beyond repair, then a rebuild maybe your best option moving forward. We can get you back to where you need to be, and then apply our waterproofing agents to ensure you don’t face the same problems again down the line.

Handling Damages From A Natural Disaster Or Storm

Sometimes bad structural damage is caused by neglect, but other times it is simply out of the homeowner’s hands. A big storm or natural disaster can cause one’s chimney to crack, crumble, and break down in a hurry. Parts like the chimney cap or flashing may blow away, and then this would mean your chimney need some replacement items. No matter what is the case, our team is here to help, so that you don’t need to stress.

Addressing Age Or A Settlement

There are cases when a homeowner does everything necessary to keep their chimney in tip-top shape, but age just eventually takes its toll. If you have a historic home that needs special attention and care, don’t leave it in the hands of an amateur. Trust in our trained and certified crew for all your fireplace and chimney repairs. We can preserve the historical integrity of the structure while ensuring you have a system that runs with ease for many years to come. The time to invest in care is now. Call our team today!

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