Looking for ways to fix a crumbling chimney structure, without having to invest in an entire chimney rebuild? If damages are not too extensive, you should be able to find success with the tuckpointing services. If your mortar is crumbling and flaking, then it is a clear sign that it needs professional attention and care. At Sweeps & Ladders, we are trained and equipped to help your resolve any of your fireplace and chimney troubles.

What Is Tuckpointing?

crumbling masonry So, what exactly does the tuckpointing entail? First, your old, worn out mortar will be removed with our specialized tools and equipment. Then, we will fill in these gaps and openings with new mortar, giving you a streamlined look that you can enjoy for years to come. Once this is complete, the overall appearance of your system will be drastically better, and it also helps to strengthen your structure too. That last thing anyone needs is a collapsed chimney, so investing in care as soon as possible.

DIY Or Call A Pro?

Tuckpointing may seem sounds quite simple. You might wonder if you could simply invest in a caulk gun and fill in those gaps yourself. Well, you could, but you will not wind up with the sturdy, reliable results compared to a professional tuckpointing service. The end results may not look as nice either, and there is a good chance the color of your new materials will not match the old ones, which could give your chimney an unpolished and sloppy look.

A team of experts, like our crew, knows how to match the new materials to the old in a way that looks seamless and natural. You can trust that we use products that will stand the test of time. Eager to learn more? Give us a call today. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Is Your Mortar Falling Apart?

If your mortar falling apart and leaving holes and cracks throughout your masonry chimney, then there really is no time to lose when it comes to investing in professional care. A weakened structure puts your entire home at risk, and your loved ones could face injury if the structure fall apart.

Along with this, when pathways are created throughout your brickwork, the chances of flames and poisonous gases entering your home increase dramatically. Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide exposure, house fires, and more by getting the care you deserve right away. Our CSIA certified sweeps are just a phone call away!

Need Waterproofing Services?

Is your brickwork all fixed up? Great! Then, maybe it is time to invest in waterproofing services, which gives your chimney an added layer of protection from harsh rains, snowfalls, and more. Water damage can take its toll on your masonry, encouraging decay and deterioration in a hurry. Waterproofing is a wise investment that will help your system stay stronger and sturdier for many years. Call to schedule an appointment with our team today!

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