There’s no doubt that using gas logs offer homeowners many advantages. They are uncomplicated, efficient, and they’re easy to operate, so controlling the heat in your home a breeze. They are also mess-free, and you won’t have to worry about refueling or storing messy piles of wood. Best of all, they look like the real thing, so you still get that cozy ambiance that fireplaces are so well known for.

That being said, so many get caught up in the ease and convenience of gas logs that they forget that, just like wood-burning options, they need regular maintenance, too! Learn more about this below, then book an inspection with the qualified technicians at Sweeps & Ladders today. We would love to set you up right this fall.

Poor Draft & Acidic Water

One thing many don’t know about gas logs is that acidic water can build up inside of the flue when the appliance isn’t drafting properly. Acidic water will cause unsightly stains and deterioration, and it will encourage cracking and crumbling throughout your masonry, as well. All in all, it causes a lot of water damage that will need to be addressed before putting your system to use in the cooler months ahead.

If this is a problem you’re experiencing, our team can repair any damages throughout your structure, then figure out what’s causing your system to ventilate poorly. The longer you go without necessary maintenance, the worse the issue will become, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

The Threat Of Carbon Monoxide

Another big threat associated with gas logs and appliances is the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Whether your system is clogged up and cannot vent correctly or your chimney is filled with cracks and gaps through which gases can escape, having the problem corrected by a certified sweep is a must. Otherwise, carbon monoxide could easily leak into your home and put the health and wellbeing of your loved ones at risk.

Carbon monoxide is basically impossible to detect, being both colorless and odorless, so investing in care from a team of professional sweeps is vital when it comes to staying safer throughout these cold months. It’s also important to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your house, so if you have yet to purchase one, be sure to add it to your shopping list right away.

Avoiding Build-Up

Gas appliances are known for being super efficient, but that doesn’t mean they stay free from debris. The fireplace gases can trigger buildup and wear, and outside debris could easily work its way in from the top, as well. All in all, having an expert check things over is always your safest bet.

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